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Schedule Views

Schedules will display in both List and Calendar Views.  

List View

  • List of courses in that particular schedule. Indicates current enrollment & how many seats remain in section.
  • Hover over “some seats are reserved” in notes field to see specific population for reserved seats.
  • Approximate number of sh in schedule: indicated at the top of the schedule list view.  

Calendar View

  • Displays at a glance where courses take place during the week with each course component having the same color.
  • Clicking on the course in calendar view will indicate if it’s a lecture, lab, discussion, stand alone, etc.
  • Arranged courses (without specific time or location) are not displayed in calendar view. 
  • Courses that don't meet the full length of the semester will display as though they do, so that you may view these "off-cycle" courses alongside full-length courses.  

Viewing Additional Built Schedules

To view possible schedules, click on the numbers at either the top or the bottom of the page. 

You can retain schedules for future consideration and comparison by clicking "Add to Preferred Schedules." You must do this before clicking "Build More." Once you build more schedules, you cannot go back to schedules that haven't been marked as Preferred Schedules.

Disclaimer: Marking a schedule as preferred does not guarantee you a seat in any course and does not reserve a seat for you. 

The Preferred Schedules indicator displays above the course cart once a schedule has been saved.

Any time you make changes to your Course Cart, you will need to click "Build Schedules" to create schedules that reflect updates. Keep in mind any schedules you saved as Preferred Schedules prior to making changes in your Course Cart will not be updated. 

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