Step 1: Place textbook and resource orders at any and all preferred bookstore(s) or with ICON Direct by early registration

When placing the order with the bookstore, please indicate the following items:

  • Title
  • Author
  • ISBN Number
  • Publisher and Copyright Year
  • Purchasing Option (Required, Recommended, Optional)
    • Please be aware that the Purchasing Option is not able to be updated in MAUI.  This information should be provided to the bookstore at the time the order is place.

Step 2: Your textbook order will be automatically be upload to MAUI. 

Departments no longer need to enter textbook information manually into MAUI/MyUI.

For Iowa Hawk Shop/University Book Store and ICON Direct files will be uploaded daily and will be displayed on MyUI the following day.

For Iowa Book, Prairie Lights and ISBA College of Law Bookstore orders will only be uploaded as data files are received from the bookstore. Please allow 1-2 business days for textbook/resource information to display on MyUI for orders placed from these retailers.

More Upload Information:

  • The data file will only assign textbook information to the course section on the file.
  • Example: If the data file lists section 000A, then textbook information will only show for 000A in Offerings Planner.
  • Related sections (discussion or lab) will not be checked for compliance. 
  • The book store will list all lectures and stand-alone sections separately in the data file.

Important Information

  • All textbook line items will appear in MAUI/MyUI by default.
  • Textbook data will not be overlaid as new data files arrive. If new textbook line items are added the textbook will be added to the preexisting list.
  • Any information entered in MAUI under “Other Resources” or returned from one of the book stores above will be delivered to the Iowa Hawk Shop/University Bookstore through a data exchange process. Departmental representatives can choose to “hide” the Iowa Hawk Shop by not displaying all line items associated to that bookstore.
  • If departments or instructors need to make an edit to a textbook, contact the book store directly so they can provide us with a new file as no edits can be facilitated on the MAUI screen.

Textbook and Resource Assignment Flow Chart

Please click HERE to review our textbook ordering guide.