5 Ways to Reduce Error Messages

  1. Minimize the use of My Filters and Course Filters - Remove any filters that may not be necessary. Fewer filters will typically mean less chance of encountering error messages when attempting to build schedules and enroll.
  2. Check to Ensure Course Restrictions are MetDepending upon the course, students may automatically meet course restrictions based on their Program of Study. However, some courses require special permission from the  department. If you know you wish to enroll in a course requiring special permission, seek that permission before your scheduled enrollment time.
  3. Check to Ensure Prerequisites are MetIf prerequisites have not been met, students will need to fill out a Prerequisite Proof of Completion form before they are eligible to register. Until prerequisite special permission has been given, uncheck the Available to Me course filter.
  4. Check Seat Availability -  As your registration day/time approaches, review your Preferred Schedules. If courses/sections you have in your Preferred Schedule(s) no longer have open seats, consider choosing other open sections. Or, at the time of enrollment, if the course has a waitlist, you can choose to be added to the waitlist.
  5. Check for Course Conflicts - Schedule Builder will display error messages if you attempt to build schedules for courses meeting at the same time. Check to ensure courses with few course sections don't have conflicting class times. 

Error Message Examples

Depending on Filters, Course selections, prerequisites and restrictions, students may encounter error messages when attempting to build schedules and enroll in courses. Error messages will display with instructions to resolve the conflicts.  Below are some examples of possible error messages, and how to resolve.  

Unavailable Time Filter and Course Conflict

Example: The student has created an Unavailable Time Filter called "Work" daily from 11:00AM-1:00PM. The student has added HIST:1040:0001 to their Course Cart.  When they clicked Build Schedules, the following error message appears: "Could not build any schedule with your Course Options and Filters. Work (MTWThF 11:00AM - 1:00PM) filter is removing 1 Diversity in History option."

Error Explanation: HIST:1040:0001 meets during the same time the student has marked as unavailable.

To Resolve: The student could use the Ignore Time Filter for the course, remove the section filter (to display other sections of the course) or remove the "Work" Unavailable Time Filter. Then click Build Schedules again to display schedules. 


Course Restrictions

Example: The student has added HIST:2151 to their Course Cart. When the student attempts to build schedules, the following error message appears: "Could not build any schedules with your Course Options and Filters.  The provided filters are blocking all 3 schedules with HIST:2151. Please adjust one of more of your filters. Available to me filter is removing 3 other Introduction to the History Major options."

Error Explanation: HIST:2151 has a course restriction making it available only to History Majors. This student is not a History major and has not obtained special permission for the course. 

To Resolve: The student would need to contact the department for special permission. They would also need to use the Override Available to Me filter for this course. Then, at the time of attempted enrollment, the student would be prompted to enter the special permission code.  


Course Under Construction

Example: The student has added a course displaying as "Open" in MyUI to their course cart. When the student attempts to build schedules, the following error message appears: "Could not build any schedules with your Course Options and Filters. ASP:3920 is not offered during Spring 2018."

Explanation: The department has recently submitted a request to change some aspect of the course. The changes have not yet been processed. Schedule Builder is blocking the student from building schedules using the course until changes have been finalized. 

To Resolve: If the above error message has been received, and the student has not changed the "Only courses being offered this session" default, the student should check back at a later time and attempt to build schedules.  


Course Conflicts

Example: The student has added HIST:1040 and POLI:2415 to their course cart. They used the Section Filter for each course and specified they only wanted to see section 0001. When they attempt to build schedules, the following error message appears: "Could not build any schedules with your Course Options and Filters. There are no schedules without time conflicts for POLI:2415, HIST:1040 using the provided filters. Sections (Must contain 0001) filter is removing 1 other Diversity in History option."

Error Explanation: These particular sections meet at the same time. Because of this, Schedule Builder could not generate any schedules.  

To Resolve: The student would need to remove the section filter for HIST:1040, as POLI:2415 only has one section. Removing the section filter and then clicking Build Schedules will return schedule options. 


If you still have questions about error messages, please view the How to Troubleshoot an Error Message video. Student Outreach Staff are also available to answer questions about the Schedule Builder in 310 Calvin Hall, or can be reached by phone Monday-Friday between 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m at (319)335-1497. Visit the Schedule Builder Help Chart to view daily walk-in times.

If you have questions about choosing appropriate courses, please contact your advisor. Your advisor can be found on MyUI under the Student Information tab on the Programs of Study & Advisor page.