The Postsecondary Enrollment Options program (PSEO) allows 11th and 12th grade students in Iowa schools, as well as 9th and 10th grade students identified as gifted and talented by their Iowa school district, to enroll in college courses. Through the program, individual students may enroll in an eligible postsecondary course if a comparable course is not offered at their school.

Students should discuss PSEO with a high school counselor to determine if it is an appropriate program. Eligibility criteria are dictated and defined by state law as well as institutional admission standards.

How to enroll as a PSEO student

1. Apply for admission to the University of Iowa. (first-time PSEO students only)

  1. Complete the online application for undergraduate nonedegree students still in high school. You can find more information, including admission requirements, at admissions.uiowa.edu/apply/nondegree-students. A nondegree student application is free for high school students.
  2. Have your high school submit a transcript to the Office of Admissions.

You should apply as soon as possible to allow time for the advising and registration process. Registration typically occurs in April (for fall courses) and November (for spring courses). It is appropriate to begin the admission process up to three months prior to registration.

2. Meet with a PSEO academic advisor.

Call the Academic Advising Center as soon as possible at 319-353-5700. Explain you are a high school student, and you will be assigned a PSEO academic advisor based on your interests. You will set up an appointment to talk to an advisor. PSEO students typically meet with advisors in February or March for fall courses, and in October for spring courses.

Before your appointment, you can view course offerings online (no need to log in) at myui.uiowa.edu/my-ui/courses/dashboard.page. Courses are usually posted in February (for fall semesters) and October (for spring semesters); you can find the dates for a specific semester at registrar.uiowa.edu/academic-calendar. Math, computer science, and world language courses may require placement tests.

3. Submit the PSEO Notice of Student Registration form.

You can find a blank form at:
PDF icon PSEO Student Registrations Form

Iowa City Community School District students use the following form:
PDF icon ICCSD PSEO Student Registration Form

The first part is completed by the student and signed by the student and a parent or guardian (if the student is under the age of 18). The second part is completed by the school or school district and must be signed by a school official. Students should be aware that their high school or school district may have a specific deadline for the student portion to be completed.

School officials may submit completed forms to:

  • Email (preferred method): ui-pseo@uiowa.edu
  • Mail: Office of the Registrar, Attn: PSEO, University of Iowa, 2700 University Capitol Centre, Iowa City, IA, 52242
  • Fax: 319-335-1999, Attn: PSEO

Questions about this form can be directed to ui-pseo@uiowa.edu.

4. Register for courses.

Registration typically occurs in April (for fall courses) and November (for spring courses). You can find the dates for a specific semester at registrar.uiowa.edu/academic-calendar.

If you decide to change your registration, please contact your UI advisor immediately.

5. Prepare to become a UI student.

  • Activate your @uiowa.edu email in MyUI and check it regularly. UI email is the official communication for all university business.
  • Obtain an Iowa One Card, your university student ID, at the UI Service Center (2700 University Capitol Centre). More information is available at idcard.uiowa.edu/iowa-one-card/get-iowa-one-card.

Tuition & Fees

A PSEO student's school district pays for tuition for courses that have been approved by the school district and successfully completed. If a student drops, withdraws from, or fails a course, the student is responsible for reimbursing the school district. A schedule of charges for drops and withdrawals is provided to students prior to the start of the semester in both an email and a letter.

  • Drop: A student cancels registration in a single course while remaining registered in one or more courses. Students may drop a course without financial penalty until the semester's drop deadline, typically the 10th day of the semester. See registrar.uiowa.edu/academic-calendar, contact your university advisor, or refer to the PSEO email or letter for a specific semester to confirm the drop deadline.
  • Withdraw: A student cancels registration entirely for the semester. If you drop the only course you are enrolled in, you are withdrawing from the university.

Registration in courses not approved by the student's school district will be billed at the full rate of tuition and fees.

If you decide to change your registration, please contact your UI advisor immediately.


The university provides required books or course materials (such as workbooks) to PSEO students for the semester enrolled. When possible, the university will provide digital materials rather than physical copies of textbooks. Students may choose to purchase optional materials but must cover the cost themselves. 

Students receive communication via their UI email address about how to obtain their course materials near the start of the semester. Most materials are purchased by the university before the semester begins, but in some rare instances, a student may need to purchase a required course text and submit a receipt for reimbursement.

Students do not need to return their textbooks to the Office of the Registrar.

Questions about PSEO books and materials can be directed to ui-pseo@uiowa.edu. If you decide to change your registration, please contact your UI advisor immediately.

Additional information

University student records are protected under FERPA. If you wish for UI staff to be able to discuss your academic record (enrollment, grades, etc.) with your parent or guardian, you can create a Student Record Consent Form in MyUI. See the Release of Information web page for more information.

PSEO courses may not be audited. If a student changes their registration to audit status, the course will no longer be eligible for the PSEO program and the full tuition and fees will be billed to the student for that course.

Grade reports and transcripts will be sent to your high school at the end of the university's semester.



Advising & Registration

  • Academic Advising Center phone: 319-353-5700
  • Students who have met with an advisor may also have other contact information they can use

Books, tuition, eligibility, or any other questions

Office of the Registrar PSEO team: ui-pseo@uiowa.edu