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My Filters are global filters that will search MyUI for courses based on the choices you specify. Use My Filters to set class breaks, choose on campus vs distance courses, and more.  

Available to Me

This filter is turned on by default. When set, Schedule Builder will find only open sections for which you can register. If unchecked, Schedule Builder will show sections for courses that do not have seats available but have a waitlist, and courses that do not have the restrictions or special permissions met.  

Delivery Mode Filter

This filter is used to specify the type of delivery you want for your courses. It includes Face to Face and Web.  

Learning Center Filter

This filter is used to specify the location of where you wish to attend classes. Locations include learning centers not located on the University of Iowa campus in Iowa City.

Unavailable Time Filter

This filter is used to create a block of time when you don't want to be in class. Creating an unavailable time filter will prevent schedule builder from returning course options that meet during the time frame you have indicated you are unavailable.

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