Welcome! Schedule Builder is a web-based schedule planner that allows you to generate multiple schedule options within minutes.

With Schedule Builder you can:

  • generate schedules based on your individual needs
  • exclude or include courses/sections
  • block time out for practice, club meetings, work, etc.
  • choose location and/or delivery mode
  • add your favorite schedules to “Preferred Schedules” to review the schedules at a later date

When you are permitted to register you may return to Schedule Builder to review your saved schedules and register for courses.

You can navigate back to Schedule Builder from any page by clicking on Schedule Builder at the top of the page (upper left under MyUI).

Make sure to select the upcoming Session for which you wish to build schedules. The Session information is located at the top right.  

Schedule Builder does not replace all functions found within the Courses/Registration area in MyUI.  

Schedule Builder help.

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