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Once course selections are in place, click Build Schedules.  

If Schedule Builder finds conflicts or issues, error messages will display and explain one or more reasons as to why a schedule couldn't be created based on course selections or filters. These conflicts will need to be resolved before building another schedule.

Depending on your selections, Schedule Builder will generate up to 10 schedules. In most cases, there will be the option to build more.  

If you don't want to save an entire schedule but you like a specific section or time of a course, you can pin that section to your Course Cart. When you pin a section, you are telling the Schedule Builder to include only that particular section in the schedules it builds from your Course Cart. Pinning can be very helpful when you know you want a specific time or section of a course. 

Within a built schedule: 

  • Push pin icon -  under the “Tools” column to pin a section.
    • Adds this section as a section filter for that particular course in the course cart.  
    • After pinning a section, if the course within the course cart is a Gen Ed or One-Click option, a new course option is created within the course cart and the Gen Ed or One-Click option for that course is disabled. 
  • Exclude icon - excludes section from future built schedules.  Will need to rebuild schedules to have section excluded.
  • Padlock icon - under the “Tools” column indicates the student is enrolled in the section.  Enrolled sections cannot be pinned.

If you choose to pin or exclude sections/courses, you will need to click Build Schedules again to view schedules displaying your updated preferences.  

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