Change of Registration Form

The Change of Registration Form found below is used to add and drop courses from a student's schedule after the initial registration period has ended. It is also used to change sections of a course or to change the number of semester hours the student is registered for.  

PDF iconChange of Registration Form.pdf

Changes in registration must be initiated by the student. It is the student's responsibility to be properly registered. For justifiable reasons, departmental and deans' offices may initiate changes in registration. Changes in registration become effective on the date the change is entered into the registration system.


Students may change their registration before a session begins using MyUI. Log in, click on Registration and choose the session. Each of your courses will have a change/drop link to the far right. Drop will remove the course. You should use Change if you need to switch sections or change the number of credit hours you are registered for. You may also add courses on this screen.

Examples of changes that may not be allowed in MyUI even if it is still open.

Special permission required to register for a course - Contact the instructor or the department for permission. If approved and special permission is entered in the system, student should be able to register for the course while MyUI is open.

Excess hours registration  - Student is registered for the maximum credit hours allowed and cannot add any additional hours. If student does not plan to drop any hours, but still needs to add hours, they must appeal at their collegiate dean's office. If approved and permission for excess hours is entered in the system, student should be able to register for additional hours up to the approved number while MyUI is open.

Student athletes dropping a course - Once a semester or session has begun, student athletes are not allowed to drop courses even if MyUI is still open. A Change of Registration form with Athletics signature from Gerdin Athletic Learning Center needs to be submitted to the Registrar's Service Center.


Changes that are not allowed using MyUI can be processed at the Registrar's Service Center with the appropriate Change of Registration form and required signatures.