The University of Iowa holds 15 Commencement Ceremonies each year.

Commencement is the culminating event of University study for students who choose to attend. An appropriate and dignified academic atmosphere is absolutely expected so that you, your family, and other guests may enjoy this important gathering. The following rules of behavior will be enforced at all ceremonies:
• No alcoholic beverages of any kind.
• Inappropriate dress and costumes worn under gowns will not be allowed.
• Cell phones should be turned off or silenced in the graduate seating area.
• No flowers, purses, gifts, balloons, or bags will be allowed in the student seating area.
• Marshals and security staff will be looking for intoxicated persons. Inebriated students are not permitted to participate.

With everyone’s cooperation, this occasion will become a proud and happy memory of your academic achievement at The University of Iowa.