Resident Classification for Tuition Purposes

Establishing yourself as an Iowan for tuition purposes has cost saving benefits.

Basic information and answers to the most commonly asked questions about resident classification are available here: 

  • Live and work in Iowa (20 hours/week minimum), supporting yourself for the 12 consecutive months preceding your intended enrollment as a resident.
  • Obtain your own Iowa Driver's License, Iowa Voter Registration and if you own any vehicles and your name is on the title, register them in the State of Iowa.  If you do not drive, you must obtain a State of Iowa ID Card issued by the Iowa Department of Transportation.
  • Enroll no more than half time.  (See How to Establish yourself as an Iowa Resident brochure for allowed maximum enrollment.)
  • Be sure that Iowa taxes are withheld from your pay and begin filing your own annual Iowa resident income tax returns.
  • Cease being claimed as a dependent by your parents (or anyone else), on tax returns in any other state.

PDF iconPrintable How to Establish Residency Flyer


*Students completing the 12-qualifying month process who want to apply for Spring 2016 Residency for Tuition Purposes should submit their complete Application for Resident Classification by November 1, 2015.


For Resident Rate Tuition for Veterans and Dependents of Veterans see G.I. Bill