Purchasing Apparel

All are required to wear a gown, cap, and tassel.  Graduate College candidate apparel information is available on their website. All other candidates can purchase their apparel from the Iowa Hawk Shop.

When to Purchase

Apparel sales at the Iowa Hawk Shop will occur during a limited amount of time each semester.

**Apparel sales times for December 2018 will begin during the Grad Fair in October 2018 and run through Finals Week**

 Fall 2018 Grad Fair

October 18, 2018 10a.m. to 5p.m.

October 19, 2018 10a.m. to 3p.m.

Store hours and contact information can be found on the Iowa Hawk Shop website.

What to Purchase

Apparel styles and pricing vary by college.

Tassel Information

The color of the tassel to purchase is determined by the college the student is enrolled in.  If the student is unsure which college they are enrolled in they can see the information in MyUI.

The colors associated with each college is listed below.

Collegiate Tassel Colors
College Color
Carver College of Medicine Green
College of Dentistry Lilac
College of Education Black and Gold
College of Engineering Orange
College of Law Purple
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and University College White
College of Nursing Apricot
College of Pharmacy Olive Green
Graduate College Black
Tippie College of Business Sapphire Blue

Name Cards

When purchasing apparel students will be required to fill out a name card.  On the name card the student will be asked to provide their name, their name spelled phonetically, and provide an address for the photos to be sent.  Seating at the ceremony is based on the number of name cards submitted. 

Cap and Gown Sizes

Caps and Gowns come in various sizes and it is recommended the student try the sizing before arriving at the arena.  Some specialty sizes are limited in numbers and students should check with the Iowa Hawk Shop for availability. 

Phone Orders

If a student is off-campus at the time of apparel sales then they will need to contact the Iowa Hawk Shop directly to order apparel for their ceremony

Appropriate Attire

 Caps or gowns decorated with inappropriate messages will not be permitted. Flowers can not be worn on gowns.  We also caution graduates regarding their choice of footwear.

Caps are to be worn with the mortar board horizontal and the tassel on the right, and should be worn throughout the entire ceremony from processional to recessional. Gowns should be zipped. Personal items are not permitted on the ceremony floor.