Grades: Exporting Final Grades from ICON to MAUI using Integration

Grades: Export grades from ICON as a .CSV file to import into MAUI

Adding Lead Zeros to UniversityID in Your CSV File

Uploading Your CSV File


CSV File Formatting for Final Grades Upload

Include two of the following required column headers:

  1. “student”

  2. “grade”

The following column headers are optional:

  1. “status”

  2. “date”

  • Fill in appropriate data

    1. “student” (data required) – Hawk ID or UniversityID

    2. “grade” (data required) – The final grade value (e.g. “A+”)

    3. “status” (data optional) – “COMPLETED_COURSE”, “NEVER_ATTENDED”, “STOPPED_ATTENDING”

    4. “date” (data optional) – Date student last attended in the following format mm/dd/yyyy

NOTE: when AUU, F, N, or U is assigned and columns, “status” and “date” have blank values - the instructor must enter the information in MAUI. Instructors cannot submit final grades without status information for students with non-passing grades. If the status is "Stopped Attending" the last date of attendance is required.


Sample File View

image of csv sample file


Example 1:

Example 1


Adding Lead Zeros to UniversityID in Your CSV File

When using UniversityID the csv file must be formatted to include lead zeros. To change the “student” column to 8 digits in length:

  • Select the entire column by right-clicking on the column letter 

Image of selecting excel column


  • Choose “Format Cells”

Image of "Format Cells" in excel


  • In the “Format Cells” window:
  1. Choose “Custom”
  2. Click the “0"
  3. In the “Type” field enter 8 zeros – “00000000”
  4. Click “OK”

Picture of excel "Format Cells" window


  • The cells should now have 8 digit UniversityIDs

Image of excel cells with 8 digit University IDs


Uploading Your CSV File

  • Log into MAUI.
  • Click on "My Courses".
  • Click on the "Edit" link under the Final List column.


  • Click "Upload Final Grades"

  1. Download sample file
  2. Upload saved .csv file
  3. Click "Show Sample Data"

grade upload instruction screen


  • If the grade data looks correct to you, click "Validate Data". MAUI will test the data in the file to make sure it’s in the right format.

Image of parsed data
  • If non-passing grades are included in the file without "status" and "date" values the validation will show blank fields 

image of parsed data without status and date
  • Click "Import File" to import the grades from the csv file into MAUI.

  • Enter "Status" and "Date" information if required 

image of MAUI status and date fields
  • MAUI will show a message about the grades being successfully processed. Click either "Save" and "Complete Course Later" or "Submit Course to DEO".
    NOTE: grades cannot be processed until they have been submitted to the DEO for approval. Meaning, you must click Submit Course to DEO some point before the grade submission deadline.