Returning Students Summer 2020

Students will be able to drop and add courses on MyUI for summer as long as the course has not started yet. Once a course begins students can still drop in MyUI.

Students who need to add, section change, and hours may follow this alternate Changes in Registration process available for Summer 2020 only due to COVID-19.

OR students can still make changes by submitting a completed Change of Registration Form with required signatures as a pdf attachment to  

Students will not be able to drop their only (last) course on MyUI if the course has started. If the student is not going to add any other courses in any sub-session then they should process a withdrawal of entire registration in MyUI (even if only one course).

If students plan to drop their last course but enroll in another course in any sub-session they should enroll in the other course first which will allow them to drop the first course.

  • Any off-cycle sections that do not meet for the full length of the session or sub-session that have already begun will not be available for students to add on MyUI.
  • If a course requires special permission, please contact the department offering the course to request special permission before adding the course on MyUI.
  • Students can join a waitlist if the option is available on MyUI. Students should not use a Change of Registration Form until the waitlist is no longer accessible.
  • Student Athletes and International Students may require additional permissions to drop courses. Please click here for more information.
  • Professional MBA students should view program-specific instructions available here.

For more information regarding registration, please visit the Office of the Registrar Registration webpage or contact the UI Service Center.