Student Academic Services Users Group

Meeting Minutes for January 10, 2017


New Course Approval forms and workflow demo.

Chris Carlson and Jessica Alberhasky from the Office of the Registrar and Becky Tjelmeland demonstrated the new Course Approval forms and workflow paths.

On January 10, MAUI Course Approval forms will be moved into the UI's Universal Workflow system. As some of you know, this allows more flexibility for routing at the departmental and collegiate levels. We have also updated the Course Approval forms in MAUI, adding new features and generally enhancing their overall functionality.

Major Enhancements:

  • Workflow path will be housed in Universal Workflow. All stops, except for departmental level, must be edited by internal Office Admin through Universal Workflow.
  • Accessing a course add form must be done by going to the Course Library and selecting “Create a Course”
  • Form will automatically populate MAUI
  • Forms for courses numbered 3000-4999 will no longer go to the graduate college
  • Revise forms will indicate changes that have already gone through workflow for that effective session
  • Grading options will be filtered when level of study is selected
  • The Rationale field is now required on all forms.  Consult your college if you have questions about what information they want to see in this field.
  • Selecting the “I” at the end of a field will display its definition.

For more information on the routing stops, please see our Course Approval Workflow Wiki page.

Questions regarding forms should be directed to Chris Carlson.

Please contact Jessica Alberhasky if you have question pertaining to workflow routing or if you need assistance in setting up subtype routing at the Collegiate Level.

Winter Grades

Jessica Alberhasky from the Office of the Registrar gave information related to Winter 2016 Final Grades and that grade entry will be available in MAUI for courses ending on or before January 13, 2017.  DEOs need to approve by 5 pm Thursday, January 19. Off-cycle final grades must be submitted and approved within ten days of the course end date. If you have any questions, please contact

Student Users Group Meeting Notifications

Joshua Hutchison from the Office of the Registrar talked about how the old Student Users Group Outlook meeting appointments will need to be canceled.  New  appointments will be emailed with the agenda for the next meeting and will be available on the Office of the Registrar Student Academic Users Group page


Day 5 of the Spring Semester is Monday, January 23rd.  Students may make registration changes in MyUI through 11:59 p.m.  Waitlists also continue to be in use through Day 5.

Prerequisite checking – Please be sure students have the appropriate prerequisite special permissions assigned (Permanent, Conditional-Proof Required, or Met-Proof Provided).  Notification of potential prerequisite drops were sent to students ten days prior to the semester for those with Conditional-Proof Required Special Permission.  Students who fail to provide proof will be dropped from the course tomorrow – Wednesday, January 11th.

Reminder: 2017-18 General Catalog copy is due in the Registrar’s Office on February 3.