Student Academic Services Users Group

Time and Location: 2-3pm, Wednesday, Febuary 1, 2017 2520D UCC


Course Offerings Planner – new features

Becky Tjelmeland from ITS, Jessica Alberhasky and Renee Houser from the Office of the Registrar demonstrated some new features in Offerings Planner.  

  • New Default Landing Page and Quick Tab Features in Planner - Much like the Default Landing Page and Quick Tabs in Person Inspector, MAUI users can now add their most used panels into a Quick Tabs menu located in the left hand tool bar.  When working in Offerings Planner, MAUI should now. 
  • New Textbook Features - Users will now have the ability to copy Book Details to all sections and can edit a saved Textbook or Other Resource instead of deleting and creating a new entry.  More information can be found in MAUI Help.
  • Time/Location Changes - There will be a new required field on the time and location panel. This field give users the option of selecting the ideal room type for a particular section. This information will be used for reporting needs and will give the Office of the Registrar and Facilities Management data for future classroom expansion or renovation needs. Please note: This field will not be used for room scheduling, all special classroom and building preferences must be reported in the Room Preferences field as current practice.

CLAS Honors Contract Form 

Bill Evanson from ITS & Kathy Hall from CLAS displayed the new Honors Contract Form.  An honors contract allows students to earn honors credit for a regular class by working directly with their instructor to enrich the learning experience.  More information can be found on the Honors at Iowa website.  A student will fill out the form on MyUI and it will route to a custom office route in Universal Workflow set up within each department. Departments should work with their office admin or collegiate office to set up their custom office route. If you have questions about routing contact with Jessica Alberhasky.  


Summer Hawk Tuition Grant II 

Lisa Ingram from AAC presented information related to new rules changes for the Summer Hawk Grant Tuition Grant which allows eligible students to take summer courses tuition-free. In order for students to commit to use the grant for Summer 2017, they must enter their proposed coursework, estimated summer enrollment hours and a reason for using the Summer Hawk Tuition Grant II. A report of course information will soon be available to assist with offering planning. Detailed information about the program and changes can be found on the Academic Advising website.


Attendance Class List Report overview 

Sara Even from the Office of Financial Aid talked about the Attendance Class List Report and what function it plays regarding financial aid.  Students must have a type of Academic Activity in order to be considered "attending".  After their attendance has been reported it is possible for them to lose access to financial aid if they aren't attending. Once the Attendance Class List is generated it cannot be modified through MAUI, if there was a mistake on the Attendance Report instructors should contact Sara Even to inform her of any updates.


Tuition and Fees Rate Tables overview

The meeting ran out of time and so David Johnson from the Office of the Registrar will present at the next meeting.



  1. Reminder: 2017-18 General Catalog copy is due in the Registrar’s Office on February 3.
  2. Spring 2017 Attendance Class Lists are now available in MAUI and must be submitted by 5 p.m. on February 16th.