Student Academic Services Users Group May Meeting Agenda

Time and Location: 2-3pm, Wednesday May 3, 2017 2520D UCC


  1. Elissa Thoman and Jessica Alberhasky from REG-MAUI-Support in the Office of the Registrar talked about Final Grades FAQ’s and Security.

    • Deadlines:
      • Spring 2017 Final Grades are open from Wednesday May 3 to Tuesday May 16 at 4:30 p.m. Final Grades must be in an approved status by May 17 at 11:59 p.m.
      • Final Grades for Off-cycle courses must be submitted within 10 days of the course end date.
      • Grades for 0IND courses that are regular semester length are due by May 16.
      • Honors courses need to be approved by the DEO associated to the department or administrative home in which the course is taught under.
    • Workflow:
      • Your grade submissions will be routed directly to your DEO or Grades Delegate for approval.
      • If you are teaching a course with a Course Supervisor the workflow will first go through the Course Supervisor before the DEO for approval.
      • To ensure that there is an assigned approver for grade submission it is recommended that Academic Organizations are reviewed. It is a good idea to have more than one person with the “Academic DEO Grades Approver” role.
      • If a person has the Instructor Delegate role and the DEO Grades Approver role, the person cannot submit grades on the behalf of an instructor and approve the grades. The grades need to be approved by another person with the DEO Grades Approver role.
      • Please be aware that if you reopen or reject a grade submission, the grades will go back to "saved" status and will need to be resubmitted by the instructor or instructor delegate, and the DEO or authorized delegate will need to approve them again. We recommend doing this prior to the May 17 deadline.
    • Important Notes:
      • Prerequisites are now enforced for undergraduate students. If a student receives an Incomplete for a course or a grade is not submitted, the student will be removed from their Summer 2017 course requiring the prerequisite course.
      • If you are unable to log-in to MAUI to approve final grades, please email
    • Tutorials:
  2. Bill Evanson and Becky Tjelmeland from ITS talked about updates to the Schedule Builder/Curriculum Planning Tool.

    • The Schedule Builder will pilot during first year and transfer orientations throughout Summer 2017.
    • Campus-wide implementation is scheduled to roll out for all students in October for Spring 2018 Early Registration.
  3. Jessica Alberhasky from REG-MAUI-Support in the Office of the Registrar Announcement to Departments to review Course Descriptions for Schedule Builder.

    • Departments should view their course descriptions in MAUI and make sure they are updated and formatted correctly before Schedule Builder rolls out to the general student population in October 2017. 
    • The Office of the Registrar monitors General Catalog descriptions for consistency, but does not heavily monitor MyUI Course Descriptions.
    • MyUI Course Descriptions should have a consistent format and should not include information that should be entered elsewhere.  Information on what should be included in the Course Description can be found here.
  4. Renee Houser and Char Maher from Classroom Scheduling in the Office of the Registrar presented the new Classrooms website and Project Update.

    • Efficient utilization of campus-wide instructional space is critical to meet the needs of growing student enrollments. Scheduling strategies are being implemented by the Office of the Provost to increase collaboration, better match teaching pedagogy with instructional space, improve campus-wide academic facility utilization, and optimize usage of instructional spaces across campus through centralization. Consistent with the recommendations of Ad Astra Information Systems resulting from TIER and guided by the Postsecondary Education Facilities Inventory and Classification Manual (FICM), the University of Iowa’s official inventory of campus instructional spaces was audited for modification effective July 1, 2017, which coincides with curriculum planning for Summer 2018.
    • All instructional space officially classified as Classroom will reside under the scheduling control and management of Classroom Scheduling. In some circumstances, shared scheduling/management may occur with colleges/departments.
      • University Classroom (UCR) or Level 1– reside under scheduling control and management of Classroom Scheduling for course offerings and special event scheduling. Further within this category are the merged departmental classrooms. Classroom Scheduling will provide University Classroom assignments; however, college/departmental input will guide the assignment process. Additionally, in some cases, upon completion of the initial classroom scheduling window, shared special event scheduling can commence collaboratively between Classroom Scheduling and the college/departmental affiliated office representatives until the end of the session, excluding final examination week.
      • Programmed Classroom (PCR) or Level 2 – reside under scheduling control and management of the college/departmental affiliated office during the initial scheduling process for course offerings programming. On occasion, a Programmed Classroom will be needed to satisfy seating demand unable to be fulfilled by the University Classroom inventory. Upon completion of the initial classroom scheduling window, shared special event scheduling commences collaboratively between Classroom Scheduling and the college/departmental affiliated office representatives as needed.
    • All instructional space officially classified as any room type other than “Classroom” will remain under the scheduling control and management of the Academic Department with oversight by the College.
      • Specialty Space (SPS) – reside under the scheduling control of the colleges/departments. These spaces include but are not limited to laboratories, studios, practice rooms, meeting rooms, and conference rooms. Specialty spaces serve a variety of departmental activities and course programming.
    • As a result of this new initiative, the instructional spaces once referred to as General Assignment Classrooms (GAC) will now be referred to as University Classrooms (UCR). Specifically those classrooms that were ORIGINAL to the central room pool will be referred to as University Classroom Standard in scheduling documentation, web pages and in reporting. This will allow for a differentiation of spaces between standard classrooms and the Level 1 spaces, if necessary.
    • An example of how departments would input a request for a Level 1 Classroom for a new offering can be found here: PDF iconlevel1.pdf
    • A new room ownership table has been created to inform the campus of the room transfers which is housed on the Office of the Registrar web site at An Advanced Search tool is provided to drill down into an unique search of classroom categories. Additionally, information regarding the scheduling contact, department providing the initial scheduling assignment and the room type are provided in the table.
    • Classroom Scheduling has created a dedicated web page for all documentation related to the classroom initiative at
  5. Curt Graff and Sara Sullivan from Graduation Analysis in the Office of the Registrar presented a new process for handling Cancel Emails for Degree Applicants.

    • Each spring, summer and fall, there is a group of students who applied to graduate, but do not satisfy all of the degree requirements. These students, unfortunately, have their degree applications cancelled.
    • In the past, we have reached out to these students after Graduation Analysis has conducted final grade reviews and degrees have been conferred. Working with ITS, we were able to develop a system to send out cancel emails to students and advisors in real time.
    • The full presentation can be found here:PDF iconmay2017_sasug_degree_applicants_and_cancel_emails.pdf
  6. Becky Keogh and Joshua Hutchison from the Commencement Team in Office of the Registrar had a couple Commencement Announcements.

    • There will be a Snapchat Geo-Filter available at the Commencement ceremonies in Carver from May 12 to 14.  This was a partnership with Strategic Communications to give the students something University of Iowa specific to share with their friends and family.
    • The Office of the Registrar also partnered with Strategic Communications to promote the hashtag #UIGrad17.  This hashtag can be used on any social media platform and is another way for departments to share stories about graduates in their areas.


  • Undergraduate courses in the 4, 6 week (I), and 12 week session will begin on Tuesday, May 16, 2017, not Monday May 15.
  • The next Student Academic Services users group will be June 7, 2017 from 2 - 3 pm in 2520D UCC. Add Meeting to Calendar
  • The agenda for June's meeting and minutes from the previous meetings can be found on the Office of the Registrar website.