To: Departmental Administrators 

From: Office of the Registrar - Classroom Scheduling

Subject: Spring 2017 Course Deadline Reminders

Date: December 22, 2016

Just a reminder to let you know of the upcoming deadline date for recalling rooms of pending courses.

  • Deadline for recall of Spring 2017 pending courses is Tuesday, January 3. As stated in the Policy on Pending Courses in General Assignment Classrooms on our website, all courses that are currently listed as pending with zero enrollment will be canceled and the room recalled unless a request is sent to us to retain the course for possible enrollment.
  • Deadline for Spring 2017 course changes is Tuesday, January 3. Course changes will be accepted up to this date for Spring 2017 without justification. After January 3 (extended due to holiday), any course change will only be approved with sufficient justification provided on the workflow slip. Please see the Policy on Changes to Schedule of Courses for more information.

If you need additional help or information, please contact Classroom Scheduling at 319-335-1243 or email for assistance.