Beginning in Fall 2017 students will be able to initiate and finalize a complete withdrawal of all courses from a session on or after Day 1.

How the Process Works

Students will initiate the process on the Courses and Registration screen in MyUI.

Help Documents with Screenshots

PDF with screenshots of the process from a student's perspective in MyUI.

PDF icononline_withdrawal_process_-_student1.pdf

PDF with screenshots of the process from a faculty or staff member's perspective in MAUI.

PDF icononline_withdrawal_process_-_faculty_and_staff.pdf

 Process Breakdown

  1. The process begins with the Student clicking the Withdraw Entire Registration link at the bottom of their schedule of courses.
  2. They will be given a chance to Continue, Cancel, or get More Information
  3. If the student decides to Continue, they will be informed of the various permissions they will need to obtain.
    • These can be Academic Support and Retention, Collegiate Dean's Office, ISSS, or Athletics.
  4. The student will then be asked to fill out a Withdrawal Information Form in which they fill out a few required fields and some optional items.
  5. All courses that will be withdrawn will display.
  6. Tuition Responsibility table will display date ranges of how much Tuition and Fees the student will be held to.
  7.  A warning list of possible impacts to Tuition and Fees and Financial Aid will display.
  8. Once the student has reviewed all the information they will need to hit the button "I agree to obtain all required permissions"
    • The student will receive a MyUI message and an email once all permissions have been obtained.
  9. The student will be shown that they have a pending withdrawal and what permissions are needed.
  10. Once the student has been granted all permissions they can complete the withdrawal process.
  11. The student will be given the same set of deadlines and warnings and then they just click the Complete Withdrawal.
  12. The student will be given a prompt that their registration has been successfully withdrawn.