The Office of the Provost encourages instructors to place their textbook order by Early Registration with the Iowa Hawk Shop as the result of an electronic data exchange process.  When the departmental representative indicates the Iowa Hawk Shop/University Bookstore as the chosen location for the order, a daily data feed of course information is delivered to the Iowa Hawk Shop, materials are verified and required textbook details including the ISBN will be returned by direct feed into MAUI Planner.  By selecting the Iowa Hawk Shop all work by the department is complete, and the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) compliance follows.


However, if instructors choose to place their order at any other textbook supplier or location, the department is responsible for manually entering all ISBN data into MAUI for each textbook noted.  If you list another bookstore in conjunction with the Iowa Hawk Shop, manual entry of the ISBN is not required.  All textbook and resource orders must be finalized in MAUI four weeks prior to the start of a semester.


Please contact if you have any questions.