Clarification of end of academic year and expectations for finals week

There is no change in the end date of the academic year. The last day of classes is May 8 and finals week is May 11 through May 15.  

Faculty should communicate their final exam or alternate assessment (such as take home exams, papers, etc.) plans to their students directly for final exam week.

Access to offices/classrooms for faculty, staff, and TAs related to their instructional efforts

If you wish to use a classroom for lecture recording or synchronous distance learning, you must contact your Academic Departmental Administrator to reserve a classroom to ensure its availability and to make arrangements for cleaning the equipment before you begin and after you finish.

Buildings are closed to the public, but if you have card access you will be able to use it to enter the building. However, to keep the building clean and keep the safest conditions for all of our staff, including custodial staff, public spaces within the buildings are closed. We ask that you come in only to do a specific activity, such as record a lecture or pick up a book, and then leave.

Lecture Recording/Synchronous Distance Learning in University Classrooms Memo

Early registration for fall 2020

Early registration for the fall 2020 semester is being moved back by one week to allow more time for students to connect with their advisors. It will now run April 20 – May 1.

Course withdrawal dates

Undergraduate Programs:  Individual courses may be dropped with advisor authorization through the last day of classes, May 8. Additionally, complete withdrawals (dropping all classes) from the Spring 2020 semester may also be done with advisor authorization through May 8.  After that date, students would need to petition for a late drop or late withdrawal and dean’s authorization would be required.

Graduate Programs:  Individual courses may be dropped with advisor authorization through the last day of classes, May 8, and the requirement for dean’s permission is removed. For complete spring 2020 semester withdrawals, the deadline of April 14 remains; after that date, graduate students need dean’s permission.  More information about deadlines and other topics can be found at

Professional Programs:  Students in professional programs should consult with the academic offices in their respective colleges about guidance specific to these units.

Additional Information

More information can be found on the Office of the Provost page: