To: Departmental Administrators, Advisors, Collegiate Administrators, and DEOs

From: Office of the Registrar

Subject: New Online Drop Authorization Process Help

Date: September 1, 2016

The new online drop authorization process is now underway. With this process, students are able to indicate their desire to drop courses electronically through MyUI, while advisors, Athletic Student Services staff, ISSS staff, and Dean's office staff (as needed) will be able to give authorization for drops electronically through MAUI. Once all authorizations have been granted, students will be able to complete the process through MyUI.

Instructor's signatures are no longer required. Students will still be allowed to process drops via a paper forms if they choose, with the required signatures. Adds, section changes, and hours changes will continue to require a Change of Registration Form. To avoid going below full-time or requiring approval for excess hours, the Change of Registration form is the best option if a student needs to process a drop and add at the same time.

To learn more about the new online drop authorization process, please see our MAUI Help pages for information pertaining to Faculty/Staff and Students. These pages contain step-by-step instructions along with screenshots that may be helpful for staff, faculty, and advisors when assisting students.

Please contact the Registrar's Service Center with any further questions.<