To: Academic Departmental Administrators

From: Office of the Registrar - REG-MAUI-Support

Subject: New MAUI Updates for Spring 2018

Date: January 18, 2018

Instructor Updates

Delete Multiple Instructors

As an Academic Departmental Administrator, you now have the ability to delete multiple instructors at once for a given course or department through the Instructor Panel in Offering Planner! This panel can be found by going to the Registrar Tab, clicking on "Offerings Planner", and selecting "Instructors" on the left hand side of the screen. The link is also listed below.

Instructor Panel

To delete multiple instructors, check the appropriate instructors or "check all" and then "Delete checked instructors".

Overlay "TBD" Primary Instructors - Coming Soon!

Within the next few weeks, you will have capability to overlay previously indicated "To Be Determined- TBD" primary instructors. More information to come.

Textbook Updates

Textbook Report

You can now find a comprehensive list of your textbook information in MAUI! The "Courses Textbook" report can be found under Registrar reports in the Category "Course Library". Please find the link below.

Courses Textbooks

We are still making modifications to this report so if you have any suggestions, please send them to

Removal of Duplication

We are excited to announce that many of your duplication errors should now be resolved! Data files from campus bookstores will still be imported and displayed in MAUI as they have for the Spring 2018 session. However, now MyUI will remove duplicates based only on ISBN number. When choosing between which bookstore's information to present, Iowa Hawk Shop will be default. The bookstore name and link is still available but the textbook will only appear once.

For example, if you have a textbook listed with Iowa Hawk Shop and Iowa Book, MyUI will recognize they are using the same ISBN and show Iowa Hawk Shop's entry. "Iowa Hawk Shop" and "Iowa Book" will still be listed as the locations for where the book can be purchased.

Please be aware that prices do differ from one bookstore to another. To reduce the student's confusion, the price has been listed as "Approximate Price".

Purchasing Option Update

Recently, we have been running into issues where departmental changes to the Purchasing Options (required, recommended, optional) column have been overlaid by the data files being imported from Iowa Book, Prairie Lights, and the ISBA Bookstore. To eliminate this error, we are asking that Departmental Administrators and/or Instructors include their preferred purchasing option at the time the order is placed with the Bookstore. To save confusion and time due to multiple entry, this field will only be populated by the bookstore. Departmental administrators will no longer have the ability to edit this field in MAUI. The bookstore should be contacted if the purchasing option is listed incorrectly.

Please note:

  • If you have already indicated a purchasing option of "recommended" or "optional" in MAUI for Spring 2018, the bookstores have been given a report so they can update their data file with the correct purchasing option.
  • Please be aware the purchasing options should be the same across all preferred bookstores. This will ensure that when duplicates are removed the correct purchasing option is being shown.
  • If a purchasing option is not given the bookstores will assume it is a required textbook or resource.

No Sales Tax at Iowa Hawk Shop/University Bookstore

Sales tax is not charged for any purchase at the Iowa Hawk Shop/University Bookstore regardless of payment method. Students may charge textbooks to UBill, if current. In addition, some textbooks and course materials may be held in course reserves at the Libraries.

Textbook Tile on Home Page of MyUI- Coming Soon!

Coming soon there will be a "Textbooks and Resources" tile on the student's home page of MyUI. This will link to the student's full listing of textbooks and resources for a given semester. This page can also be accessed from the Courses/Registration panel in MyUI above the student's schedule.

Additional Reminder

Summer 2018 and Fall 2018 Early Registration is approaching. All textbook and resource orders should be finalized in MAUI by Early Registration, but in no event later than four weeks prior to the start of the semester in which the textbook is to be used by students. Instructors and/or departments should place their orders with their preferred bookstore by this time. If placed at Iowa Hawk Shop/University Bookstore, Iowa Book, Prairie Lights, or the ISBA Law Bookstore MAUI will receive and import these orders through electronic data upload process. Since the bookstore will be processing orders for multiple session, please be sure to indicate the session when submitting your order to the bookstore.