To: MAUI Academic Users and Instructors

From: Office of the Registrar

Subject: New for Fall 2016

Date: August 17th, 2016

The Office of the Registrar is very excited for new features in Fall 2016!

University Records and Documents Fee

 Beginning this fall, University of Iowa students will see fewer fees on their U-Bill. The Office of the Registrar, in collaboration with UI Student Government (UISG), has consolidated eight ad hoc fees into a one-time University Records and Documents Fee. Degree-seeking students enrolling for the first time this fall will be charged $225.

Online Drop Authorization Process

This fall, students, faculty and staff will have access to a new electronic drop process. 

Beginning the 6th business day of the semester, students will be able to indicate a desire to drop courses electronically through MyUI, while advisors, Athletic Students Services staff, ISSS staff and Dean’s office staff (as needed) will be able to give authorization for drops electronically through MAUI. Once all authorizations have been granted, students will be able to complete the drop process electronically through MyUI. 

  • No instructors’ signatures will be required to drop courses. 
  • Students will still be allowed to process drops via a paper forms if they choose, with the required signatures. 
  • Add and Change of Section/Hours requests will continue to require a paper form.
  • Detailed information regarding the Online Drop Authorization Process can be found on the Office of the Registrar website.

Inclusive Student Records

Through a student’s MyUI account, they may now specify a preferred first name as well as their pronouns. A student’s preferred name and pronouns display on the University Student Record System (MAUI) banner, and will appear on instructor class lists in MAUI and ICON.

The University began its Inclusive Student Records initiative in the spring of 2016.  This initiative provides new functionality that allows students to designate and use identifiers (preferred first name, sex, gender, and pronouns of reference) in many University student records systems. To learn more about these updates and the importance of using correct pronouns of reference please view the video “Using preferred names and gender pronouns at the University of Iowa”.

For more details regarding the Inclusive Student terminology, please see the Resources for Trans Communities and their Allies website.”

Electronic Transcripts

Effective July 5, 2016, electronic pdf's of University of Iowa transcripts can be sent electronically.  If a form needs to accompany a transcript, the Office of the Registrar will still require a delivery method of paper.