Midterm Class Lists

Use this panel to submit Midterm D/F grades and attendance. This will trigger automatic notifications to students. If the midterm list is not submitted by the deadline please notify students receiving D/F grades manually, and send attendance corrections to finaid-sap@uiowa.edu

  1. On the My courses dashboard, click "edit" under the Midterm List column. 
  2. On the following screen:
    1. Save and Complete Course Later
    2. Submit Course to Registrar
    3. Notify students attending but not enrolled
  3. To update the Attending column, click on the box next to each student or "Check All" or "Uncheck All" (a check mark indicates the student is attending).
  4. Select the appropriate grade for each student from the drop-down list.
  5. Click one of the following:
    1. "Save and Complete Course Later"
    2. "Submit Course to Registrar."
  6. Notify non-enrolled students
    • When a student is attending your section but does not appear on the class list, complete the "notify non-enrolled students" section. If the student is registered for another section of this a course, a change to the current section will be made. If the student is not registered for the course, the student will be notified by email that they are not officially registered for the current section. 
    1. Enter either a valid student Hawk ID or University, and click "submit."
    2. The student(s) will appear on a list at the bottom of the panel, and an email indicating that they are not officially enrolled in the course will be sent to the student(s). 

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