To: Departmental Administrators

From: Office of the Registrar - Classroom Scheduling

Subject: MAUI Course Offerings Now Open for Fall 2018

Date: September 5, 2017

MAUI Offerings Planner is now open and available for you to access for Fall 2018 course offerings!

You can update and submit your Fall 2018 course offerings in MAUI at any time from now until the end of the day on November 27, 2017.


  • The course offerings that were submitted for Fall 2017 have been replicated to the Fall 2018 session. The following items never replicate: University Classrooms and buildings, textbooks, instructors for non-IND sections, room preferences, and midterm exam section information.
  • General assignment classrooms (GACs) are now known as University Classrooms (UCRs).
  • For courses that require a larger room (90+ seats), arrangements must be made in advance to add a course or alter the meeting time or place for all courses scheduled in university classroom auditoria. Please contact Char Maher as soon as possible to make these arrangements. Priority in these rooms is retained by courses that are unchanged from Fall 2017 to Fall 2018 and by departments that make advance arrangements.
  • To request a TILE classroom, the instructor is required to have TILE training. If the instructor changes after the initial assignment of a TILE classroom, a room modification may occur IF the replacement instructor is not TILE-trained. For more information about TILE and training, see the TILE website.
  • When requesting a university classroom, remember to offer your courses according to the approved class times. You can locate the times on the Classroom Scheduling website. If you feel you have reason to appeal these class meeting times, the department chair should e-mail a justification to Renee Houser to request an exception. The Associate Provost for Undergrad Education will make the final decision. See Exceptions to Standardized Time Block Schedule" for more information.
  • The Room Type Ideal field located in the time/location area in MAUI Planner is for master campus planning purposes only and does not mean that the course will be assigned to the desired room type ideal. If you entered a Room Type Ideal for Fall 2017, it replicated to Fall 2018.
  • When updating Fall course offerings, scheduling regulations, departmental class-hour allocations, and information on contact hour calculations are located on the Registrar's Office website at and
  • Select the fields you want to display on your Proof Copy by using the arrow to select the fields you want to capture. Change the session date in the upper-right side of the screen and press the "Go" tab near the bottom of the page. A proof copy can be requested at any time which will show your real time changes. The "Proof Copy" link is located at the left-hand side of your Offerings Planner screen in the shaded area under "Planner Menu".
  • Submit your course sections to workflow by clicking on the "Submit to Workflow" tab to complete this step. If you miss this final step, the Registrar's Office will not be aware that you intend to offer those sections for the Fall semester, no room assignments are made, and the sections will not appear on MyUI.
  • Delete sections from the planner that you do not plan to offer. This does not delete your courses from the MAUI Course Library or the General Catalog; it only indicates you will not offer those sections in Fall 2018.
  • If you need assistance you can access "Planner Help" in MAUI. This is located on the left-hand side of your Offerings Planner screen in the shaded area. There is a link for "Planner Support" for you to email any questions you may have. You also may email questions to Registrar MAUI Support.
  • Check your DEO and campus address information on MyUI. If you have changes to your current college/departmental information, email Jan Brunstein.

Course Offerings Schedule for Fall 2018

Planner open September 5 through November 27, 2017 (11:59 p.m.)
Deadline to submit course approval forms for Fall semester December 8, 2017
Planner closed (Offerings Planner is always open for editing instructor, textbook, MyUI descriptions, requirements, recommendations, restrictions, and registration information; and updating waitlist plans and syllabuses) November 28, 2017 through February 4, 2018
MyUI course offerings available and Planner reopens for editing February 5, 2018
Early Registration April 9-20, 2018

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you.
Char Maher