Diploma Delivery Method will default to USPS First Class mail which works well for domestic delivery.   However, international students may want to consider picking up their diploma in person, or having it delivered with Fed Ex delivery.  In either case diplomas will not be available for approximately 6 weeks after graduation.  USPS International delivery is not reliable and there is no tracking number.  Please see additional information for International Diploma Delivery.  To update the Diploma Mailing Address, or choose your diploma delivery method, open your degree application in MyUI and click on the (edit) link to the left side of the screen.  Scroll down to Diploma Delivery Information.  Following the diploma address you will see Delivery Method options.

FedEx International Priority

Students listing an international diploma mailing address on their Degree Application on MyUI will be given the option of using FedEx delivery.  If you wish to choose FedEx delivery you may choose Fed Ex as your Diploma Delivery Method on your degree application on MyUI.    Once printed we’ll have your diploma returned to our office and we’ll process it for Fed Ex delivery.  Fed Ex will send you an email with a tracking number once they’ve picked up your diploma.  Most charges for Fed Ex delivery of Spring 2019 diplomas will appear on the May 1st U-Bill*By requesting Fed Ex delivery of your diploma, you agree to pay the Fed Ex fees that will be posted to your U-Bill. 

  • Advantages of using FedEx: Faster and more reliable delivery (up to 3 days after FedEx ships) with a tracking number to allow you to track the status of your shipment.
  • Disadvantages of using FedEx: Cost; a $45 FedEx fee will be charged to your U-Bill.

Once FedEx fees have been billed, U-Bill payments may be made several ways.  International payments may also be made using Flywire.  If customers are unable to pay with Flywire, please contact Treasury Operations to obtain alternative bank transfer instructions.

It is your responsibility to make sure FedEx can deliver to the address you provide. If your diploma is returned to the UI because it cannot be delivered, the FedEx shipping fees and the return fees will be also charged to your U-Bill.

Student Pick-up or Hold Diploma 

If you will still be in the Iowa City area 6 weeks after graduation or you are unsure where you will be residing after graduation, you may choose Student Pick-up as your diploma Delivery Method on your degree application on MyUI.  Once printed we’ll have your diploma returned to our office and we’ll contact you to let you know your diploma is available to pick-up in person (with photo ID).  If you are moving we can hold your diploma until you contact us and update your residing address on MyUI

United States Postal Service (USPS) First Class International Mail

This is the default method of diploma delivery for students listing an international diploma mailing address. (Note:  This form of international mail is not reliable and there is no tracking number.)

A mailing label, in English, will be printed using the Diploma Mailing Address entered on your Degree Application on MyUI.  (Deadline to update this address is May 3, 2019.)

  • Advantages of using USPS: Cost; there are no additional fees added to your U-Bill.  However, if you provide an incorrect diploma mailing address and you do not receive your diploma when it is mailed, you will be assessed a $10 reissuing fee on your U-Bill if we have to order a new diploma and mail to you a second time.
  • Disadvantages of using USPS: 
    • The reliability of the diploma being delivered is inconsistent, diplomas are frequently lost, and may take up to 8-10 weeks to arrive.  You must wait at least 8 weeks before the UI will issue another diploma to you.
    • There is no tracking number or way to determine where your diploma is after it has been mailed. 

Diplomas will not be released to students who have outstanding U-Bill balances.

To learn how to keep your UI Office 365 Email Account active, see Your Office 365 Account after Graduation.

Additional information about IT Services for Graduating Students can be found at Services Impacted by Graduation