Graduation FAQs

What if I graduate but still owe money to the University?

Your University account must be cleared in order to receive your transcripts and/or diploma.  If current registration is restricted for financial delinquency or if you have prior indebtedness to the University, your account must be cleared by the date final semester grades are due.

If my name is read at commencement, I've really graduated, right?

All candidates for degree are invited to participate in the commencement ceremony.  While we hope all applicants for degree will receive a diploma, participating in the commencement ceremony does not mean you have officially graduated.  Commencement ceremonies generally occur several days before final grades have been submitted.  Therefore, it is not possible to confirm that you have completed all of your degree requirements at the time of the ceremony.

When is my graduation official?

You become an alumnus about two weeks after commencement when all grades have been recorded and the degree notation has been placed on your academic record. However, the official date of conferral is the final Friday of the session.

Updating your residing address does not change your diploma mailing address.  These are separate addresses that require individual updating in MyUI.  Your residing address may be different from the diploma mailing address due to the later mailing of diplomas. Please check your record and verify that your diploma will be mailed to the desired address.

What if I don't graduate as expected?

If you do not complete all degree requirements as planned, you must submit another application before the deadline date of the session in which you intend to graduate. All application fees apply.

NOTE: If you complete degree requirements after a session's stated deadlines and must officially graduate later, an official letter embossed with The University of Iowa seal can be prepared for you once all your requirements are met. It serves the purpose of verifying the completion of degree requirements until the official degree notation is entered (about two weeks after the next commencement). Contact Graduation Analysis to utilize this service.