Grades: Exporting Final Grades from ICON to MAUI using Integration

Grades: Export grades from ICON as a .CSV file to import into MAUI


CSV File Formatting for Final Grades Upload

  • Include all four of the following required column headers:

    1. “student”

    2. “grade”

    3. “status”

    4. “date”

  • Fill in appropriate data

    1. “student” (data required) – Hawk ID or UniversityID

    2. “grade” (data required) – The final grade value (e.g. “A+”)

    3. “status” (data optional) – “COMPLETED_COURSE”, “NEVER_ATTENDED”, “STOPPED_ATTENDING”

    4. “date” (data optional) – Date student last attended in the following format mm/dd/yyyy

NOTE: when AUU, F, N, or U is assigned and columns, “status” and “date” have blank values - the instructor must enter the information in MAUI. Instructors cannot submit final grades without attendance information for students with non-passing grades.


Sample File View

image of csv sample file







Example 1:

Example 1


Adding Lead Zeros to UniversityID in Your CSV File

When using UniversityID the csv file must be formatted to include lead zeros. To change the “student” column to 8 digits in length:

  • Select the entire column by right-clicking on the column letter 

Image of selecting excel column


  • Choose “Format Cells”

Image of "Format Cells" in excel


  • In the “Format Cells” window:
  1. Choose “Custom”
  2. Click the “0"
  3. In the “Type” field enter 8 zeros – “00000000”
  4. Click “OK”

Picture of excel "Format Cells" window


  • The cells should now have 8 digit UniversityIDs

Image of excel cells with 8 digit University IDs


Uploading Your CSV File

  • Log into MAUI.
  • Click on "My Courses".
  • Click on the "Edit" link under the Final List column.


  • Click "Upload Final Grades"

  1. Download sample file
  2. Upload saved csv file
  3. Click "Show Sample Data"

Image of final grade CSV upload tool


  • If the grade data looks correct to you, click "Validate Data". MAUI will test the data in the file to make sure it’s in the right format.

Image of parsed data
  • If non-passing grades are included in the file without "status" and "date" values the validation will show blank fields 

image of parsed data without status and date
  • Click "Import File" to import the grades from the csv file into MAUI.

  • Enter "Status" and "Date" information if required 

image of MAUI status and date fields
  • MAUI will show a message about the grades being successfully processed. Click either "Save" and "Complete Course Later" or "Submit Course to DEO".
    NOTE: grades cannot be processed until they have been submitted to the DEO for approval. Meaning, you must click Submit Course to DEO some point before the grade submission deadline.