Grade Change 

Submit a grade change after the final grade has been posted to the student's permanent record.

*Administrator instructions located on Wiki

Step-By-Step Instructions for Faculty

  1. On the My Courses page, select the correct session for the grade change from the drop-down list, then click "search." 
  2. Click "grade change" for the correct section.
  3. Check the boxes for the correct students. 
    • Note: You may "check all" to change grades for all students in the section. 
  4. Select the appropriate grade from the drop-down list, enter the reason for changing the grade, then click "submit".
    • Note: A reason is not required when changing a grade from an "I" (Incomplete) or "O" (No Grade Reported).
  5. If multiple students were selected, the next student grade change screen populate and the following message will appear: 
    •  "The grade change has been completed." 
  6.  After submitting the last change, you will return to the Grade Change Roster panel. This screen will display on your changes in the Pending Grade Change column until your DEO (and Collegiate Dean when changing from any grade other than "I" or "O") approves or rejects the grade changes.

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