Entering Final Grades


To enter grades, log into MAUI, access your grade roster, enter grades for each student and submit your final grade roster to the DEO. Grades in “saved” status will not be sent to the DEO for approval. See the grades workflow definitions for detailed status information.

Grades: Exporting Final Grades from ICON to MAUI using Integration


Grades: Export grades from ICON as a .CSV file to import into MAUI


Manual Grade Entry Detailed Instructions (Instructors)

Step 1: Go to https://www.maui.uiowa.edu

Step 2: Enter your Hawk ID and Password


Next: Access Your Grade Roster and Enter a Grade for Each Student:

 Step 3: Click on "My Courses"

Image of My Courses link

Step 4: "Select" the appropriate session and click “Search”

  • The classes you are teaching for that term will appear in a list on the "My Courses screen" without updating the session.

Step 5: Find the class you want to grade and click “edit” under the Final List column

Image of Edit link

Step 6: Select appropriate grade for each student from the drop-down list

Note: Special grading or standard grading for the course does not indicate that all students will have the same grading scheme in the drop-down menu. Please contact reg-maui-support@uiowa.edu to inquire about student grades or grading instructions.

Image of grades drop-down menu


Next: Submit Your Final Grade Roster to the DEO

Step 7: If the final grade entries are complete click “Submit Course to DEO”

image of submit to deo button and save for later button

* The following error will appear if a grade is not selected for one or more students:

"All grades must be entered before submitting. Complete grade entry and re-submit. 

Image of submission error message

If you have omitted grades for any students on the roster, you may either:

  • Return to the roster and continue to enter grades, or
  • “Save and Complete Course Later” This option will save the grades entered and allow the instructor to return to the roster at a later date to enter the remaining grades.
    • If grades are not submitted and in “Approved” status by the grades deadline “O” grades will be reported on the students’ records.  


Step 8: Return to the My Courses dashboard. You should now see a status of “Submitted” under the Final Status column and the following message:

Image of Successful Submission message

"Final Grades has been submitted and saved to the database."


Manual Grade Entry Detailed Instructions (Instructor Delegates)

Step 1: Go to https://www.maui.uiowa.edu

Step 2: Enter your Hawk ID and Password


Next: Access The Grade Roster and Enter a Grade for Each Student:

Step 3: Click on the "Registrar" tab

Step 4: Click "Grade Administration"

Step 5: Click "Course Grades"

Step 6: Select the SUBJ/DEP, enter the CRS(E) (course number) and SEC(T)

Step 7: Click "Search"

Step 8: Follow steps 5 – 7 of the instructions for instructors

* If you are submitting grades as an Instructor Delegate and also have access to approve grades at the DEO level you will not be able to approve the grades at the next step. If you have questions regarding MAUI access please contact reg-access-maui@uiowa.edu . If you have questions regarding grades please contact reg-maui-support@uiowa.edu .

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