Deadline: June 30, 2020

by 11:59 pm

Process with MAUI Planner Page

All section types with optimum enrollment of 50 or more will be online/virtual


  • synchronous – this course utilizes real-time instruction at specified day and time
  • asynchronous – this course utilizes recorded instruction that does not occur in the same place or at the same time (on your own time)
  • blended – this course has components of both synchronous and asynchronous modalities which utilizes instruction on your own time as well as at a specified day and time

All courses with a 50 capacity optimum enrollment or more will be online and a bulk update process in MAUI will automatically update, by default rule, all sections to synchronous (real-time instruction), that currently have a day/time assignment in MAUI, will add the Delivery Mode of “web,” and revise the location to World Wide Web.

Required Action Item

Indication of synchronous (real-time instruction), asynchronous (recorded instruction), or blended (has components of both synchronous and asynchronous modalities) will be required in MAUI Planner, Edit Section Information page to review and manually edit as appropriate in the Learning Type pull down menu.

If the department determines a section should be altered from synchronous to a different modality, departmental manual action is required. Individuals with the ADA MAUI access role will have permissions to complete this data input:

  • If section should be adjusted to asynchronous (recorded instruction), use MAUI Planner, Edit Section Information page to manually indicate asynchronous in the Learning Type pull down menu
  • If section should be blended (has components of both synchronous and asynchronous modalities), manually indicate in MAUI Planner, Edit Section Information page. Please email for assistance with meeting pattern preference. Email should include subject, course, and section number with meeting pattern description for update in MAUI. When approved, meeting pattern update requires manual entry by Registrar staff.
  • If you believe a section of 50 or more should be offered face-to-face rather than online, please email with reasonable justification for Office of the Provost review and approval process. When approved, meeting pattern update requires manual entry by Registrar staff. Email should include subject, course, section number with justification for desired modality with meeting pattern description information for update in MAUI.

Process with Spreadsheet

All section types of less than 50 optimum enrollments (49 or below) will be prioritized for face-to-face instruction.  In some instances where pedagogy necessitates, section types with less than 50 optimum enrollments may be taught with a blended hybird modality of in-person and synchronous or asynchronous online learning. 

Based on reduced classroom operating capacity, section types in this size category will likely require adjustments to their assigned classroom (including laboratories, music/art studios, dance facilities or other professional instructional spaces). Consequently, all currently assigned classrooms in the University Classroom pool will be dropped so that departments can reprioritize section offerings. Departmental assigned spaces will remain in MAUI, but classroom adjustments should be noted in the Teams spreadsheet for update by the Classroom Scheduling staff, who can then work with departments to reallocate instructional spaces.

COVID-19 Course Analysis Dashboard

Colleges and departments may find the COVID-19 Course Analysis Dashboard to be helpful in reviewing previous year enrollment counts, First Year student enrollees, and count of times a section appears within Sample Plans to indicate pathway/gateway course offerings.

Teams Spreadsheet

The following fields must be filled out on the spreadsheet for each department.  The procedure outlined for the spreadsheet below replaces the need to submit revise offering forms for Fall 2020 offerings, regardless of room ownership.

  • Please review your offerings for classroom reallocation but do not rework the curriculum as thousands of students have registered and Fall Orientation sessions are underway.
  • When your spreadsheet is complete, please indicate in the “chat/conversation” window within Teams that your department is “Department Name - Complete and Ready for Submission.”

Pending Cancellation

Select Y/N to indicate if the course/section is to be cancelled.  If “Y”, follow Fall 2020 Course Cancellation Best Practices with Reg MAUI Support.

Priority Category

Prioritize each section as High, Medium, or Low (based upon need for face-to-face location)

  • High – has a high importance to First-Year (FY) students or in-person instruction is critical to student learning outcomes
  • Medium – has some importance to FY students and in-person instruction is preferred but the section could be taught online
  • Low – in-person instruction is desirable, if space resources permit, but section could operate in an online format 

This data set will be fed back into MAUI and recorded in the Course Categories field for reassignment of University Classrooms based one category at a time, High, Medium, and Low, until all campus space availability options are exhausted.

Additional priorities to keep in mind can he found here.

Delivery Mode Exception

Where sections types of 49 or below max enrollment should be online instead of face-to-face based on reasonable justification, this includes any section that desires use of a blended modality of synchronous or asynchronous online learning, indicate “web” or “blended”. Further, if a blended hybrid modality of in-person and synchronous online learning is desired, please indicate "web".

If exception exists, for section of this size category to be offered online, the department should initiate an email to for submission and review by the Office of the Provost.  When approved, meeting pattern update requires manual entry by Registrar staff. Email should include subject, course, section number with justification for desired modality with meeting pattern description information for update in MAUI.

Required Room Preference

This field should be filled out if there is a REQUIRED room preference based on critical need for instruction or ADA accommodation ONLY.  Examples would be rooms where materials/equipment are housed critical to the success of the course. This field is not be used to request back-to-back instruction. However, if instructors are loaded this parameter will be included in the reassignment process by default.

Departmental Location Change Necessary

Select Y/N to indicate if the current course/section departmental location needs to be changed.  If “Y”, indicate new departmental location and Classroom Scheduling will assign it assuming the room is available for section use.

Time Location Change

Departments should utilize this field only if a change in time/day is necessary because no other solution exists.

Additional Comments

Enter any additional information that may not have been addressed in other fields, notation about enrollment projections not represented on spreadsheet, or other critical information imperative to the course or new room assignment.

Priorities to Keep in Mind

We want to ensure that our first-year students have face-to-face contact built into their schedules for connecting with others. While planning your section priorities, course types such as these should be considered:

  • First-Year Seminars
  • Select Rhetoric, English (Interpretation of Literature), and Creative Writing offerings
  • Courses in Common combinations, College Transitions, Living Learning Community, Iowa Link and College Success Initiatives courses
  • World Languages
  • Discussion and lab sections for Math and Chemistry
  • Gen Ed discussions for Social Sciences, Diversity and Inclusion, International and Global Issues, Values and Culture, Historical Perspectives and Literary, Visual and Performing Arts

General Information

  • As you move forward with assigning space to align with new campus scheduling policies, we understand that departments may be inclined to split one large course section into two or more smaller sections. However, with instructional capacity for Fall 2020 at a premium, this should only occur in the rarest of instances. If this action is desired, please contact to discuss impact
  • Professional schools offering clinical rotations/simulations or who may have questions regarding their curriculum should direct their questions to
  • All approved course offerings will remain in MAUI as listed. Therefore, it is not necessary to modify the section identifiers or Management Types to DOE unless a section will be supported completely by Distance and Online Education.
  • As a result of face-to-face class resumption, University Classrooms (UCRs) cannot be assumed to be available for asynchronous lecture recording or class preparation during Fall 2020. Please contact for options that may exist in small seminar spaces.
  • Details regarding midterm and/or final examinations will be addressed at a later time.