To: Departmental Administrators

From: Office of the Registrar - Chris Carlson

Date: September 5, 2018

Subject: Fall 2018 Inactive Courses Memo for ADAs

The following email is being sent to all Academic Departmental Administrators (ADA) that have inactive courses up for review for Fall 2018. Please disregard this email if you are listed as an ADA, but don't serve in a role that works with inactive courses. If you get this message in error, please forward it to the appropriate individual within your unit.

Dear (Departmental Administrator Name)

The course(s) below are up for review as they have not been taught for the last four years (i.e., no students enrolled at the end of the session since the first semester of the 2015-16 academic year). Please be aware that a form will be generated for every course listed below.

Inactive Course Review Schedule for Fall 2018

Academic Departmental Administrator's (ADA) Review Period in MAUI September 5-10
Academic DEO Approval Begins in Universal Workflow September 10-28

During the ADA review period, forms may be viewed, updated, or commented on in MAUI by any user, but they are not yet active in workflow. Therefore, there is no option to submit a form to workflow. This creates a window of time for multiple users to review and comment on forms before they are finally submitted to workflow. You may select a status (Keep or Drop) and enter a comment in the Rationale box; click on Save to save your work. A Drop status does not require a comment in the Rationale box.

On September 10, all workflow forms will become active in workflow and will be routed to DEO as Academic Workflow DDEO for the department. This person must take action on each form to advance it in workflow. The "Approve Package" workflow option will appear after a status (Keep or Drop) is selected, a comment is included in the Rationale box for courses listed as Keep, and Save has been clicked. Please coordinate the approval process within your unit to prevent duplication of effort and/or erroneous dropping of courses. Once a form is submitted to workflow, it cannot be revised.

Inactive Course(s) for Department
List of Courses

Please click here to see a full list of course forms for your department up for review. They can also be viewed by selecting "Inactive Courses Workflow" from the main Course Library dashboard, then select Fall 2019 in the session box, along with an academic unit. A list of forms meeting the criteria will be displayed.


Chris Carlson
Associate Registrar
Voice: 319-335-2845
Fax: 319-335-2636