To: Departmental Administrators 

From: Office of the Registrar

Subject: Fall 2016 Textbook Assignment Reminder

Date: August 3rd, 2016


This is a reminder to add your textbook information to MAUI as soon as possible for Fall 2016 courses. Textbook orders should be finalized four weeks prior to the start of the semester. The Course Lib- Courses Missing Textbook report in MAUI provides a full listing of missing courses by department.

Federal legislation requires that book titles, ISBN numbers, and prices of required and recommended books and other materials for any course are included on the institution's electronic schedule of courses in time for student registration.

The University of Iowa asks that departments and/or colleges fulfill this requirement by listing, on MyUI, the name of the bookstore at which textbooks were ordered or other materials needed. Instructors should forward (to their appropriate departmental person) information about which bookstore(s) or other materials they plan to use. This information will be displayed in MyUI in the Textbook and Materials field. It will also be possible (but not necessary) to enter ISBN information if the faculty member prefers to do so. Instructors should order their books and other materials as early as possible so that the relevant bookstore(s) can display textbook information for the instructors' courses. For more detailed instructions, please click here.

Textbook information and other materials need not be supplied by early registration if:

  • An instructor has not been assigned to the course
  • The course is new or under development
  • Materials are not yet available (e.g., new textbook)

If you have any questions or concerns, please email