To: Departmental Administrators, Instructors, DEOs

From: Office of the Registrar

Subject: Fall 2016 Attendance Class List Reminder

Date: September 21, 2016

*This email is meant only as a reminder; please disregard this message if you have already submitted your attendance list.

Fall 2016 Attendance Class Lists are now available in MAUI. Instructors must submit attendance for each student appearing on the class list. Locate step-by-step instructions, attendance class list information, attendance definition, student non-attendance processing, and automatic section change information here.

Please note the following:

  • Submit your Fall 2016 attendance class list no later than 5 pm, September 22.
  • Attendance class list submission is a requirement of federal financial aid regulations.
  • The University of Iowa must comply with the regulation to keep students financial aid eligible.
  • For Fall 2016 courses underway, 100% completion of the attendance submission by instructors is a University of Iowa requirement.
  • The University of Iowa is allowed to require attendance once and still be considered an institution that does not take attendance.
  • If your course begins after September 22 or if final grades are open for final grade entry (or have already been submitted), your attendance list does not need to be submitted. We would assume in those instances, as well as in off cycle courses, instructors are notifying students regarding attendance issues.

The Office of Financial Aid does not want to cancel aid for students who are participating in academic activity but whose instructors did not verify this activity. Attendance class list submission will allow students participating in academic activity to maintain financial eligibility. It is easier to complete the attendance class list then to respond to emails from Financial Aid regarding individual students.

Your support through the accurate completion of the Attendance Class List is greatly appreciated.

If you need additional help or information, please contact for assistance.