To: Deans, Directors, DEOs

From: Lon Moeller, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education and Dean of the University College

Subject: Eliminating “Inactive” Courses from the Approved Active Course Listing

Date: September 9, 2016

Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost Letterhead


TO: Deans, Directors, and Departmental Executive Officers

FROM: Lon Moeller, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education and Dean of the University College

DATE: September 8, 2016

SUBJECT: Eliminating "Inactive" Courses from the Approved Active Course Listing

Historically, colleges and departments have been sent a list of courses that are included in the Approved Active Course Listing but which have not been offered for four years. Continuing to list courses that have not been offered in four years, and in some cases have never been taught, puts the University in a position of possibly misleading students and potential applicants for admission.

This year, we have moved the Inactive Courses Report into an electronic workflow system, much like course approval processing. A paper copy of the report will no longer be distributed. Instead, individual workflow forms will be generated in MAUI and routed to the department's Course Approval Workflow Administrator as well as all Academic Departmental Administrators. The Course Approval Administrator is required to approve the form to advance it in workflow; the Departmental Administrator's approval is optional. Please coordinate the approval process within your unit to prevent duplication of effort and/or erroneous dropping of courses. The department should review each workflow form and indicate whether a course should be dropped from the Approved Active Course Listing or retained.

An individual workflow form, labeled "Inactive Course Form", has been generated for every course which, according to the Registrar's records, has not been taught (that is, in which no students were enrolled at the end of a semester or summer session) since the first semester of the 2013-2014 academic year. Typically, the only reason to continue listing a course that has not been taught for four years will be a commitment to offer the course the following year.

All workflow forms will be automatically routed to the person who serves as Course Approval Workflow Administrator for the department and will appear in their workflow box, just as a course approval form would appear. The form contains the following course information: subject/course number, title, cross-references (if any), credit hours, the session the course was created, the session of last enrollment, and whether or not sections have been created for Fall 2017. If a course is crossreferenced, a form will be sent only to the Administrative Home unit, who will determine whether or not the course should be retained.

Please select one of the following options on each workflow form received:

If you agree with the elimination of a course listed, please select Drop from the Status dropdown list. When the form is received in the Registrar's Office, the course will be dropped, effective Fall 2017. If sections exist for Fall 2017, they will be deleted when the course is dropped. It is not necessary to submit an additional Drop Course request in MAUI if the Drop status is selected on the workflow form. Please note that if a course is dropped erroneously, it cannot be reactivated.
If you wish to request that a course not recently taught be retained, please select Keep from the Status dropdown list. To retain a course, you must justify its retention by including comments in the Rationale box. If you plan to teach a course in Spring or Summer 2017, please indicate that as part of the reason for retention. If a course should be retained even though it is only offered on an "as-needed" basis, please indicate that in the Rationale box. Courses such as Readings, Thesis, and Research can be coded so that they will no longer appear on this report. The department will then take responsibility for dropping them should they ever need to do so.

After completing the top portion of the form, select "Approve Package" to send the form on to the next person in the workflow. Forms will be routed from the department's Course Approval Workflow Administrator to the collegiate level, then to the Registrar's Office for processing.

Please complete forms in workflow for routing to your collegiate dean by September 19. Please contact Christina Carlson in the Registrar's Office at 335-2845 or, with any questions regarding these procedures. Thank you for your assistance with this project.