Attendance List Entry

To report attendance/ non - attendance, log into MAUI, access your class list, check the box for each student attendance and leave the box blank for students not attending. For detailed information about Attendance reporting and the U.S. Department of Education Academic Activity definition see Attendance, Midterm and Final Grade Reporting

PDF Step - by - step instructions

Attendance Entry in MAUI

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter your Hawk ID and Password

Next: Access Your Grade Roster and Report Attendance for Each Student:

 Step 3: Click on "My Courses"

Step 4: Select the appropriate session and click “Search”

  • The classes you are teaching for that term will appear in a list on the "My Courses" screen without updating the session.

Step 5: Find the class you want to grade and click “edit” under the Attend List column

On this panel, you can:

  • Save and Complete Course Later
  • Submit Course to Registrar
  • Notify students attending but not enrolled

Step 6: Check each box under the Attending column to indicate attendance. The box should remain blank for students not in attendance.

Tip: You may click "Check All" or "Uncheck All" to change all students to attending or not attending 

Step 7: Submit or Save the Attendance Class List

  • Click Save and Complete Course Later to save attendance entries without submitting to Registrar 
  • Click Submit to Registrar when the attendance list is complete and ready for submission

Step 8: Notify Non- Enrolled Students

When a student is attending your section but does not appear on the class list, enter the student into the Student Identifier section. If the student is registered for another section of the course, a change to this section will be made. If the student is not registered for the course the student will be notified via email that they are not officially registered for this section.

  • Enter student's HawkID into the Student Identifier box 
  • Click Submit
  • The student(s) will appear below the attendance list and receive an email indicating that they are not officially enrolled in the course

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